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Streaming studio setup with three monitor, lights, speakers, mic, PowerSpec computer, camera, keyboard, mouse, stream deck

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Micro Center is your one-stop shop for content creators wanting to get started or upgrade their streaming setup. We carry products across the entire category, from webcams, cameras, lighting, and camera equipment, to microphones, audio equipment and streaming PCs with capture cards - and the specifications needed for entry or high-end podcasting, video production or streaming.

Audio: Microphones, Headsets, and Speakers

Gamers will likely want to use a headset with built in microphone, however, that may not be appropriate for a vlogger or someone who needs to capture higher quality audio. If you're podcasting or doing voiceovers, then you may want to invest in a better quality microphone with additional accessories such as a stand, shock mount, and a pop filter. Higher end XLR condensor microphones use XLR cables, instead of USB, so you will also need a digital audio interface and maybe a mixing deck for more complex setups. While this is more expensive, the improved audio quality recording and flexibility in editing can be worth it, especially if you’re doing this professionally. If you anticipate having guests in your studio, then you may want to consider dynamic and shotgun (aka boom mics) or some lavalier, aka lav, or lapel/remote microphones. Studio speakers are a good addition when playing back video during editing and come at various price ranges and quality.

Studio Lighting for Streamers

Your room or office will need to be lit well to help improve video quality, so you may need to augment your existing room lights with additional lighting to illuminate you and your backdrop. You can also include LED strips for accent lighting, depending upon the look you’re going for. Good lighting will make all the difference to the image quality and will make sure your cameras aren't struggling to capture you and introducing graininess. For beauty or fashion, we also recommend using an LED ring light around a dedicated closeup camera, as it does a fantastic job at reducing shadows on the face and provides that nice even look. Micro Center carries a variety of lights and modifiers, from basic clamp lights, to lighting kits with umbrellas and stands fo that professional studio look.

Additional Accessories

There are many other accessories that you may want to add to your streaming set up over time. Gamers and streamers may want to use a stream deck to help mix in different video feeds, or play pre-recorded clips for intros or breaks. These are especially useful for someone who doesn’t have a production crew supporting them. Micro Center stores have displays with many of these items set up, so you can experience it all and see how these various parts will fit into your own video streaming or podcasting studio.