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Choosing the Best Apple Laptop

Apple products are known for their elegant design and luxury build quality. Mac laptops or MacBooks, in particular, have become commonplace in universities and many professional industries. With many accessories and screen sizes to choose from, there is a perfect MacBook out there for anyone.

The MacBook Pro is the most powerful of the Mac laptops and offers the largest screen. Ranging from 13 inches to 16 inches, the screens on new MacBook Pros also feature Retina displays supporting resolutions up to 2560x1600 or 3072x1920.

While the MacBook Air is less powerful than the Pro, it is arguably the most versatile of all Apple laptops. Weighing less than 3 lbs., the newest MacBook Air offers the efficiency and quality of other Apple products with a reduced size and cost. The smaller 13.3 inch screen of the MacBook Air is also a Retina display capable of 2560x1600 Resolution. Combined with the built-in battery’s 15-hour lifespan and the laptop’s smaller form factor, the MacBook Air is a favorite of professionals and students on the go.

Apple accessories such as AirPods, keyboards, mice, or travel cases are available and compatible with both the MacBook Pro and Air. These peripherals offer limitless ways to personalize your Apple laptop.

An added benefit of the uniform design of Mac laptops is that accessories are shared between many devices and are readily available. Components such as power adapters can be used with numerous devices in a similar way to AirPods. This compatibility and ease of use is a large part of what makes Mac laptops the powerhouses they are today. Switching to a Mac from a Windows based machine might take some adjusting, however after learning the basics of MacOS, using your new laptop will begin to feel familiar and comfortable.

Like other laptops, MacBooks can be set up to function like desktops through the use of external monitors or peripherals such as a USB hub. Even though Apple laptops are different from other notebooks, the Service Team at Micro Center can still diagnose and repair issues with your MacBook just like any other computer.

Another effect of the high quality of Mac laptops is that older refurbished MacBooks stay viable long after their initial release. Prominent Mac features such as iMessage or FaceTime are still supported on refurbished MacBooks. These features, combined with their discounted price, make refurbished MacBooks desirable even years after their release.