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Selecting the Best SSD for your Computing Needs

Solid state drives of any kind are a tremendous speed upgrade when compared to mechanical hard drives. SSDs work by using persistent flash technology to read and write data as quickly as possible. Compared to other hard drives, SSDs are reliable and transfer your data much faster than a traditional HDD. Available in many storage sizes ranging from 128GB to 8 TB, solid state drives are an excellent choice for any computer looking for a performance upgrade. Installing your operating system on an SSD is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to see immediate performance upgrades for your PC.

Solid state drives come in multiple form factors, and your motherboard will determine their compatibility with your system. M.2 SSDs are the smallest solid state drives. M.2 devices use NVMe or SATA interfaces that connect directly to your motherboard without the need for extra cables or complicated setup. NVMe drives are the fastest SSDs available but require specific connections to be compatible with your computer. 2.5” SSDs are compatible with almost any PC and still offer a noticeable increase in read and write speeds when compared to standard hard drives. Running resource intensive programs on an SSD is an affordable and convenient way to increase application performance without the need for complicated or expensive upgrades.

External SSDs use lightning fast speeds to take the benefits of solid state drives anywhere. Boasting speeds comparable to internal drives, portable SSDs are an excellent solution for those looking for maximum performance on the go. External solid state drives function in the same way as internal SSDs and provide similar reliability and consistency. Connecting via a USB cable also makes portable SSDs compatible with as many devices as possible, such as laptops, game consoles, or cameras.