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Power Supply
NZXT Build the Extraordinary NZXT Build the Extraordinary
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Samsung SSD Samsung SSD
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Mouse Pads
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Case Fans
Case Lighting
Cables and Adapters
Surge and UPS
USB Flash Drives

Welcome to the AMD Custom PC Builder

Ready to build your own PC?

You’ve come to the right place! Use our AMD Custom PC Builder to research and pick PC parts from the thousands of components we have in stock. You can use this to create a gaming PC build with streaming capabilities, or a machine that’s specific to your business.

Next Steps

Once you’ve configured your PC, you can: Save your parts list in the Build Dashboard for later, Share your parts list in our Community Forum, reddit or other forums to get feedback, print it as a shopping list or view a store map to visit one of our stores, add to cart to reserve your choices for in-store pickup.

Enthusiast PC Builders

For the enthusiast PC builders, you can create and save multiple parts lists in your Build Dashboard. Then once you’ve built your custom PC, don’t forget to submit it to the Build Showcase to show it off and help inspire others with your selection and creativity.

How to Build a PC Q&A

What do I need to build a PC?
A little bit of time, patience, and a Phillips head screwdriver are all you really need to build a PC. While it may seem a little daunting at first if you’re a first-time builder, if you think you can finish a puzzle, then you can build your own PC. There are a lot of great guides available online, especially video guides on YouTube. The Micro Center Community is also a great source of knowledge as our experienced technical support monitor and respond to questions.

How do I figure out which parts to get?
We actually have an in-depth guide on choosing your PC parts! This guide will cover all the necessary parts to build a PC and what to look for when buying them. Start with which CPU and GPU you want, then work your way out from there, and of course if you have any questions, feel free to ask us on the Micro Center Community!

Can I share my build online and get feedback?
Yes, once you’ve picked the PC parts, you can save it and then share it on reddit, the Help Choosing Parts forum in the Micro Center Community or any other forum to get other people’s feedback. You can share the URL or the list of parts in various formats: HTML, text, markdown, etc.

Can someone at Micro Center give me advice on picking parts?
Our sales associates know how to build computers. They have spec’d out thousands of custom PC builds for business, working from home, video production, streaming and gaming. They have extensive experience with fitment and compatibility across all types of cases, cooling solutions and lighting options. Visit one of our 25 stores and one of our associates will be happy to help.

What if I don’t see a part I want in the Custom PC Builder?
Our online tool checks availability specifically at your local store. If a part you want isn’t showing up in the list of products, it may be out of stock, so you can click on the option to show all products, or it may not be a product we carry.

Why can’t I select certain parts?
Some of the fields will not be available until you select other parts first, e.g. you cannot select RAM until you select a motherboard.

How do I know my pc parts will work together?
The Custom PC Builder tool automatically tries to filter out parts that would be incompatible with any you’ve already selected. We always recommend you do a little research and double check just to be safe.

Can Micro Center help me build a PC?
If you’re not sure what you want or would just prefer working with somebody directly, our in-store sales associates are happy to help you pick out parts for your custom PC. After you build a pc online using our tool, our highly trained technicians can assemble it for you for an added fee. Details on pricing and what’s included in each tier of build can be found here:

How do I place my order?
Once you’ve selected the parts in the Custom PC Builder tool, you can click “add to cart” to automatically place everything in the cart. You can then reserve your parts for in-store pickup by going through the checkout process online. Our store associates will locate the items and set them to the side to be picked up within 3 days.

*The Custom PC Builder is designed to assist you in compiling a list of components to build a PC. Although every effort has been made to ensure compatibility, it is not guaranteed. As such, we strongly recommend visiting the store to discuss your completed list with one of our highly trained Associates.
Estimated power consumption shown above is a general guide. Actual numbers will vary depending upon additional components chosen and which games or applications are running. Many power supplies run at their peak efficiency at around 50% load, however, our store associates will be happy to help you select the right power supply for your needs.